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Accounts and Entries


Advanced Features


Special Features

Service Reports


Detailed and group wise day book

Ledger wise and group wise statements

Profit and loss

Cash book, bank book and ledger book

Trial Balance, Balance Sheet

Bank Reconciliation


Data Protection

Scheduled auto backup

Data Storage in Variable data path

Built-in Backup & Restore

Menu Level, Admin & User Security

Service Reports

Six month Free Service Support

New Versions are free at AMC Period

Annual Maintenance Contract (AMC)

Doubts Cleared through Phone and Team Viewer at anytime

Special Features

Easiest and Fastest Entries

Automatic Accounts Generation

Use Customized Reports

Ledger item Import and Export

Drop Down Menu System

Customized Billing

Amazing Security Control

Unlimited Data Storage

Graphical Analyzer

All Report Export to Excel sheet & Tally 9

Advanced Features

SMS (General, Birth Day, Wedding Day)

Restore Data

Draft Mode, Graphic Mode Printing

Menu Level Security

Dos / Windows Combined Keyboard Operation

Auto Back Up (Exit, Daily, On Variable Drive)

Good Calculator, Calculator Amount Fields

Easy Name Selection Mechanism

Print to File / Preview Option

Readymade Reports

Voucher: Sales, Purchase, Receipt, Contra, Credit Note, Debit Note,Other, Journal

Accounts Report: Day Book, Ledger, Trial Balance, Profit & Loss Account, Balance Sheet

Month Wise Sales

Profit(Bill, Brand, Style, Supplier, Size Wise)

Profit(Bill, Brand, Style, Supplier, Size Wise)

Sales or Purchase Register

Date to date view on all entries

Bill Cancel

Sales Return

Godown Transfer

Purchase Display

All Entry Level Print

Purchase Entry

Barcode Generation Manual and Automatic (Purchase or Sales)

Purchase Return

Sale Billing

Copy Bill

Debit Note Generation and Register

Debit Note Generation and Register

Stock Adjustment

Sales man Commission

Item, Brand, Style, Supplier, Size Wise Sales and Stock report

Outstanding Report (Receivable or Payable)

Print: Barcode Lable, Sticker Print, Sales Bill, Plain or Pre-print

Stock Report Print

Point Sales

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